The diesel could disappear in a matter of half a decade

Prueba Hyundai Elantra diéselengines diesel have traditionally been used for heavy machinery, tractors, buses, trucks and electric generators. The different energy crises that has affected the world throughout history did that refinaran to the point that we know today and involved in the vain of our cars. However, this situation has become a major player (not the only one, eye) when speaking of pollution, and pollution in the big cities.

Currently, 52% of the cars circulating in Europe are diesel and depending on the country in which we situemos will be even higher. However, the crisis of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group has made the authorities environmental as the general society realize that they are not as good nor as efficient as we had been led to believe the car industry until now.

Volkswagen TDI

According to Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, director of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), University of Duisburg-Essen the percentage of vehicles with diesel engines that circulate in Europe will be reduced from the current 52 per cent to 25 per cent in a matter of three years. This fall is very large for that of in a matter of three years, but the automobile market is already proving that the diesel is losing the pulse when compared to gasoline.

If we focus in Spain, in August of this year the mechanical diesel that circulated in Spain were 48.3 per cent of the total. This was in contrast with the 60 percent that gained market share in the year 2011 and bringing each time more close to the values that were given at the beginning of the year two thousand.

to see the part that corresponds to the brands of cars, the “dieselización” no longer seems so cost-effective. The reason is simple and relates to the costs of the development and adaptation of this type of mechanical regulations, anti-pollution. The particles of NOx that they emit are very important, and every time they need more money to continue to evolve and pollute less, so that some manufacturers that used to bet all the diesel are now thinking to withdraw their investment and bet for another type of mobility.

we’ll see what is all of this and if the market, the authorities and the brands are working together to give you a worthy ending to the diesel.

Source – Center for Automotive Research (CAR)