The diesel is the future: Daimler will invest 2,600 million euros in a new generation of engines turbo

While there have been scandals with a level of NOx emissions excessive, and many cities are rethinking the access to their centers of diesels are older, many manufacturers continue to have the diesel in the middle of their portfolios – but while both are investing in plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Just a few days ago was held the General Shareholders ‘ Meeting of Daimler, which announced dividends and historical a renewed commitment to the diesel 2,600 million euros.

Mercedes, like Ford, Renault or Fiat, has been in the spotlight for emissions of NOx above the statutory provisions.

In the words of Dieter Zesche – CEO of Daimler – the diesel is the immediate future of Mercedes. It is the only effective solution to the short-term to significantly reduce the average emissions of carbon dioxide from the German brand. Mercedes is currently one of the brands with the highest average emissions of CO2, in Europe, due to its sales of vehicles thirsty are significant. If you do not want to face penalties community, they must reduce their average, and the most effective way is with diesel engines efficient.

mercedes-glc-coupe-2016-15A logic beyond reproach, that is already combined with the development of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, in an offensive product comparable only to that of BMW. At least we know that Daimler has the required resources: 2015 was the best year of its history at the economic level, handing out generous bonuses to their employees and the highest dividend in its history to its shareholders. Zesche been reaffirmed in the board agree with the inclusion of new cycles of approval of consumption at the european level.

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