The dieselgate passes bill sales to Volkswagen in the European Union

Volkswagen TDIa few days Ago we show the behavior of the automotive sector in our country and today we already have in our hands the records of sales of passenger cars in the European Union until the last day of the last month of September. We’re going to do a review and a small evaluation of the performance of the sector in general and of the brands that are growing in the EU.

In the European Union have enrolled during the past month of September, 1.455.180 units that, with respect to the 1.357.380 September 2015, are a increase of 7.2 %. If we take a look at the records accumulated of all full months of the year we see who have been enrolled 11.243.263 cars, growing at an 8 % compared to the first nine months of 2015, when is marketed 10.413.745 cars. By countries, the best gains in the first nine months of the year were recorded in Cyprus (29.2 per Cent), Hungary (25.6%), and Latvia (23 %), although in the latter country the market share is very contained.

Volkswagen PassatIf we analyse the best-selling brand in the European Union during the year so far, we realize that Volkswagen, we thought that after popping the case Volkswagen was going to lose a large volume of sales, has not lost not a single one, showing a slight growth of 0.1% in the first nine months of the year. It is the brand most sold in the whole of the EU with quite a difference, having marketed in these nine months 1.264.584 passenger cars, representing a market share of 11.2 %. Is with the market share with that we realize that, to tell you the truth, has lost really in its sales index, since the total market has grown. In 2015, their market share was 12.1 %, so that the decline has been remarkable, 0.9 %.

Group level, VAG has also lost in terms of market share, going from 24.9 to an by 23.8 %, a decline of 1.1 %. however, thanks to overall growth in the EU, its sales have increased by 3.2 %.

Renault Clio GT LineThe rest of the groups, manufacturers, Renualt Group presents a good growth in its market share going from 9.5% to 10%; also highlighting to FCA go for a fee of 6.3 to 6.7 %. In FCA have to give, and a lot of, thanks to the brand Fiat. The Italian brand has gained a 0.3% fee, going from 4.8 to 5.1 per cent, registering in the first nine months 574.000 of the estimated 757,000 units sold by the Group.

On the negative side, the groups most have seen reduced their share of the market have been, in addition to Volkswagen Group with 0.9 %, PSA and Nissan. PSA has gone from a share of 10.5 to 10 % (- 0,5 %) and the japanese of Nissan of 4.1 to the 3,7 % (-0,4 %).

we will See as it passes the three full months left of the year to analyze in detail and in full the behavior of each brand and manufacturer throughout the year 2016.