The dieselgate Volkswagen trimmed in Rallycross


First was the reduction of an LMP1 Audi and Porsche to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and after the almost certain absence of an official program of Porsche in GT. There is no doubt that the scandal of Volkswagen is affecting the sports programs of the VAG Group and although in the case of the World Rally, it seems there will be changes and they will keep the three Polo R WRC, you can not say the same in another category of the specialty. Volkswagen has halved his stake in the World of Rallycross, and only will have a team in 2016.

during the season 2015 of the World RX, Volkswagen had four Polo RX 4X4 T16 in competition. Two units were operated by Volkswagen Team Sweden and the other two by Marklund Motorsport, training, responsible for developing the Polo for this category. Now the two formations have merged, giving birth to the Volkswagen team RX Sweden Team, which implies that there will also be two units less in competition in the Global Rallycross in 2016. the pilots of The new team are Johan Kristofferson and Anton Marklund, the sons of the leaders of the two parties of this project.

The victims of this bet to the low of Volkswagen are Per-Gunnar Andersson, and ‘Topi’ Heikkinen, the other two riders that competed for Volkswagen until now. Both are without a team for next season, and in the case of the former pilot Swedish rally, its results have not yet been sufficiently bright as to be able to call to the doors of some other training semi-official. Meanwhile, Volkswagen Motorsport folds candles, recognizes the effort of both bands to collaborate in a common project and stated that they will be able to optimize the resources with this merger. Every action has its good side.