The differences between the exclusive BMW M4 CS radical and M4 GTS

The M4 CS and M4 GTS options are the most sporting of the Series 4.

Currently, BMW has in its range several versions of sports, but among all of them we can highlight, and as we shall see, for many reasons, the last two versions of the M4. A model that already if remarkable, for many, a reference on its segment (coupes derived from sedans), but that in recent months we have seen grow in the form of various versions, one of them exclusive for our market.

The BMW M4 CS is a model very special. In the first place because it is a limited edition, with a production of only 60 units designed exclusively for the Spanish market. Its name defines it to perfection, M4 Competition Sport, a few acronyms that you probably do not we will soon see brought to the range of regular BMW.

This increases the power with respect to the M4 conventional, adding a aerodynamic package specific with a large dose of carbon fiber, as its huge rear wing fixed. Of this material we also found the casings of the mirrors or the new front splitter, as well as in the interior, where we found the cabin, not the usual M4 adorned in profusion with this material.

The M4 CS is a limited edition of just 60 units.

For its part, the BMW M4 GTS is the most radical expression sold up to the date of the M4, including all of the old lineage of the M3. The only thing that could be more wild is the M3 GT3 V8 Strassenversion 2001, but as we already know, was a model that never came to exist (at least commercially speaking). The recipe of the M4 GTS is simple, more power and less weight, which, together with aerodynamic configuration and rack makes the M4 more suitable for track.

His aesthetic does not disappoint. Profusion of carbon fiber on the exterior, a huge rear wing, exhaust, titanium, and a suspension slammed to leave clear that this is not a sport version more. While on the inside we found a room strictly two-seater, the sport seats have a safety harness and a eye-catching roll cage where they had to accommodate the rear passengers. Each panel denotes the extreme lightening that has been submitted.

1 – exterior Differences

despite the fact that for the most profane, both model could be very similar, a M4 with an aggressive aerodynamic kit, what is certain is that a second look shows us the obvious differences between both versions.

The aero kit is slightly more radical in the M4 GTS.

The most curious of all without doubt is that from the outside pokes the eye-catching roll cage rear M4 GTS, which clearly shows us that we are not facing a conventional vehicle. In the front we find in both models a different interpretation of the bumper of the M4, with the aletines and splitter in carbon fiber view, although the lower lip of the GTS is more pronounced, in search of cause more downforce.

In the side, we find the same outputs of hot air behind the front wheel and some sideskirts more marked, finished in carbon, in the M4 CS. While in the rear, we find the same diffuser and 4 exhaust outlets with circular in both, but the spoiler carbon GTS has a more radical, with two masts massifs in the case of CS and something higher in the GTS.

2 – Differences inside

The interior is where we find the greatest number of differences, because if the M4 is CS what we can qualify as a variant, the more sporting of the M4, the GTS is really more similar to a racing car.


the interior of The M4 GTS is pure atmosphere racing.

While in the version of CS we find the standard cabin of the M4, dressed with insertions of carbon but with all its equipment and finishes trim and featureless, in the M4 GTS is stripped of all that. The trim and siding left to be skinned, the door panels are replaced by a smooth, lighter in we don’t have the handle to secure the door, but a tape, to the more pure style of racing.

in Addition, it overrides the rear bench seat completely and is replaced by a roll cage that covers only from the B pillar back. Interestingly, do not do without multi-function display with GPS navigation system and climate control. The environment resulting is very racing, with coatings of appearance fire retardant and Alcantara everywhere, including the thick rim of the steering wheel.

3-technical Differences

As we can see in the table, the technical differences seem minimal. Both are derived from the M4, but successive updates mechanical have managed to raise the performance. In the case of the GTS is the more palpable, as the weight has been lightened up some gorgeous 1.510 pounds, 1.612 kg of the M4 with automatic gearbox DKG.


The frame of the M4 GTS is more radical.

Motor 6 online 6 online 6 in line
Displacement 2.979 cc 2.979 cc 2.979 cc
Power Iny. direct/turbo Iny. direct/turbo Iny. direct water/turbo
Power 431 HP 450 CV 500 HP
Torque 550 Nm 550 Nm 600 Nm
Transmission Automatic 7 v. Automatic 7 v. Automatic 7 v.
Suspension of the. Type McPherson Type McPherson Type McPherson
Suspension after. Parallelogram deform. Parallelogram deform. Parallelogram deform.
Tire. 255/40 R18 95Y 265/30 R20 265/35 R19 98Y
Tire after. 275/40 R18 99Y 285/30 R20 285/30 R20 99Y
Brakes Disc vent. Disc vent. ceramic Disc vent. ceramic
Weight 1.612 kg 1.600 kilos 1.510 kg

As we can see in the data, sometimes cold and little illuminating, the differences are not too large, but united to the differences of the various configurations of rack make the CS versions, and GTS of the M4 the separation of this in terms of performance, especially in the case of the GTS, that has no rival on the track in this comparative. As we saw in our last test at circuit of the spectacular GTS, the adoption of the injection of water raises significantly the performance of the GTS.

Speed max. 250 km/h 280 km/h 305 km/h
Accel. 0-100 km/h 4.1 s. 4.0 s. 3.8 s.
Accel. 0-1000 m. 21.9 s.
average Consumption 8.3 l/100 km 8.3 l/100 km 8.3 l/100km

In terms of numbers pure and hard, the GTS is without doubt the clear winner. Its light weight, higher horsepower, and with a protective tip clearly oriented to benefits, make this a real beast of a circuit. Only track that is really where the GTS shows its potential and the reason being of your nature.


Only 60 units to the CS and 803 for the GTS, future parts of the collection.

The M4 CS, by contrast, is the perfect intermediate step, which relegates to the spectacular M4 mere and comfortable Gran Turismo. Although not stripped of the luxuries and the comfort of this, his performance stands out with respect to the M4, but without reaching the radical edge of the M4 GTS.