The diffuse trail that seems to go through the DTM


Just been a few days since Marco Wittmann was proclaimed champion of the DTM at Hockenheim, and after the fireworks usually put the point and end to each season of the category, the German Championship of passenger Cars has plunged in the dark. Although there is no official confirmation, the three manufacturers present in the championship have taken the decision to reduce the number of cars on the grid. Audi Sport, BMW Motorsport, and Mercedes-AMG recudirán your bet of eight to seven cars in the best of cases, although it does indicate that finally will be six vehicles by brand.

To pot soon, this reduction from eight to six cars implies a reduction of the budget of the three manufacturers, as well as savings in logistics for all the parties, including Hankook as a supplier of tires. it is no secret that the large number of commitments that have the three marks involved in the DTM, which Audi will compete in WEC and has a presence in Formula E, which also coincides with BMW. The brand of Munich also has a program in IMSA and a GTE in the making, while Mercedes-AMG is in Formula 1 and also has a view of landing in Formula E.


Reduction of 10% of the budget of the manufacturers from the range, the
only tangible reality for the amateur is that the grill of the DTM
will go from 24 to 18 cars in 2017
, with the loss of competitiveness that
this implies. For now, riders such as Martin Tomczyk, Timo Scheider or to a lesser extent, António Félix Da Costa have said goodbye to the
championship and still have to have more discards. Be that as it may, it is
the way that he has decided to make the DTM even though that implies a certain
discomfort in some of the parties involved

fusion technique with the Super GT japanese it seems more and more distant

even though you have a solid base so that it could run in
2017. This fact is a hard blow to the TMD that may not be
to address the reduction from eight to six cars, as much as the
speech is handled in the paddock of the DTM is that a budget
contents can make effect claim to new brands. What no one
seem to recall is that the integration of the technical regulations of the Super
GT japanese put on the tray the arrival of up to three manufacturers.
that said, diffuse future