The digital instrumentation will SEAT in 2018

Like Audi and Volkswagen, the SEAT Ibiza, León and Ateca will be able to equip a box, instrumentation-all-digital starting next year, 2018.

Los boxes instrumentation digital already form part of the endowment of many luxury brands, and within the Volkswagen group some of the models of Volkswagen and Audi already offer, but for Škoda and SEAT, this technology has not yet come. But this will change soon, as the digitization of the instrumentation will come to the models of the Spanish brand for the next year and the Lion will be the first to release it.

The digital instrumentation will reach the SEAT Ibiza in 2018, although it will not be serial, but that will be part of the optional equipment, exclusive of the levels of completion but exclusive as the FR or Xcellence, although this team will premiere first in the Lion and Ateca.

The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 already has prices in Spain