The discourse is prefabricated of McLaren-Honda


Formula 1 enters the final stretch of the preseason and teams are working around the clock to get their cars ready for the first test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The team McLaren-Honda is not an exception and in Woking is working to provide a remarkable step forward after adding the worst season of its history. It is not difficult to move forward after such a disastrous results, but the perspective changes when you talk about a leap of the level to be in the middle-top of the grill. Before that, Eric Boullier has recourse to a message pre-cast and the good ‘spirit’ of their pilots.

we Cannot have another year like 2015says Eric Boullier pulling phrase. “The pilots have been with us because we have shown absolute transparency, but they do not want another year like the one we had. We are in Formula 1 to win or at least to be competitive. In this line, the French praises the position of Alonso and Button: “for me, What is very important is that until the last race have been maintained with a positive activity. Were attempted by the lack of performance, but have them after these 19 races with this good mood is very good”.

The poor performance of McLaren-Honda has led to ongoing rumors about the possible departure of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button to the team, Eric Boullier concludes: “I have read some reviews which said that Alonso has nothing to reproach about his signing and that he believes in our team. Is one thing that repeats every 2 weeks and when we’re in the factory, he says the same thing. Have the confidence intact of Alonso after this season, for me, is very reassuring”. Another issue is that McLaren-Honda can match this feeling.