The Dodge Dart will live fast and leave a pretty corpse

Dodge Dart GT

Dodge Dart GT

Dodge Dart was the first product that launched the now-defunct Chrysler Group LLC when it happened to be Fiat Chrysler Automobile. Its official presentation was held in the Detroit Auto show in the year 2011 and went on sale in 2012. With the arrival of this berlina media is planned to replace in a dignified manner to the ill-fated Caliber since this was not able to reach the american public by its poor quality and low reliability.

the new Group FCA decided to go to the safe and took the platform also recent Alfa Romeo Giulietta. For the occasion, was enlarged and modified enough to adapt it to the tastes of american consumers, and was called Compact U. S. Wide. However despite their new and very attractive design and a quality interior, located light years away from the that had its predecessor, the sales of the Dart have been more discrete.

Dodge Dart 2017For this reason, and in spite of being half-way through its business cycle FCA would be thinking to give an end sooner rather than later. The reason is simple and would be based on the demands the american market. The fuel price has been placed low enough for consumers to forget the previous crisis and that is making the sales of the all roads and pick ups to grow again.

This situation not only occurs in the united States, but in all the great markets of the world. This is why Fiat Chrysler Cars have decided to stop producing the Dodge Dart to take advantage of their productive capacity and allocate it to other models more cost-effective. This decision would not only affect the Dart, but that would also be extended in a short period of time his brother platform Chrysler 200.

To avoid that the brand undergoes a new upside down in his image by the cancellation of the model, the Chrysler plant in Belvidere will be gradually adapting its production lines to increase the units produced for the models of Jeep and Ram.