The Dodge Viper will cease production in 2017, do you Know why?


The Dodge Viper will be marketed from 2017 in the united States

The Dodge Viper is, along with the Chevrolet Corvette, the sport american par excellence. In fact their performances have been tested on more than one occasion coming out victorious, it is worth noting that has overtaken sports of the caliber of the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 in Laguna Seca. But all of these awards will not save you for much longer, in 2017 will no longer be on the starting grid.

Its replacement is under consideration

The Viper will no longer be marketed from next year and this is a reality almost inevitable. The main reason is a new federal regulations in terms of automobile safety, the number 226 that enters in force in 2017 and requires that all vehicles sold in the united States equip curtain airbags, the element of safety that does not even exist as an option in the current model.

it may seem At first a reason for not very demanding but it is more complicated to solve than it appears to the naked eye. The studs of the interior of the american sports lack of enough space to equip this system of security. A cabin which has never been characterized precisely by its breadth.


all in All you can get in this world, you just have to be willing to pay the price it demands. But the Group FCA is not for the work of making the curtain airbags come within the Dodge Viper. To tell you the truth, the sales of the sports have gone down considerably up to the point that not worth the large investment to achieve its objective, and in that way continue to keep the snake in the window.

But all is not lost since Sergio Marchionne declared at the Detroit motor show that take into consideration a replacement for the Viper. The new modular platform rear-wheel-drive is not a bad option: it was first shown on the Alfa Romeo Giulia and will be used both in the future Alfa Romeo Spider as a hypothetical Alfa Romeo 6C.

it Would make sense to use this platform in combination with an engine american V8 or V10 large-capacity to preserve his spirit, and even equip it with a version even more powerful V6 supercharged source Ferrari that provides 510 HP the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.