The doubts of Vettel with the Ferrari SF16-H


¿Is the new Ferrari SF16-H a single-seater winner? Will you be able to reach the level of Mercedes W07? They are two of the questions that have spread through the paddock of the Formula 1 World during the last four days of the test, while Ferrari has managed the best time of the season with Kimi Räikkönen and has dominated with five of the eight days of testing in Montmeló. Questions that Vettel does not answer despite having marked during the last day of a 1:22.852 that has enabled him to get to the front of the classification for the third time in this preseason.

After the completion of the last day of the tests with 142 laps in the SF16-H, Vettel towards the balance of the preseason and of the car: “so far I am satisfied. We have completed a lot of laps and completed our program. I think that these tests have gone well in general. we can not Yet know if this car will be a winner, but the first impression was positive. The sensations are good and we are happy with the progress made so far. Mercedes is still very strong, apart from the small problem that they have had in the day of today. Our machine has a greater potential, but you have to be patient”.

decisions about the F1 and the test of the system ‘Halo’ have been two other topics dealt with by Vettel: I felt quite good with the system ‘Halo’, although I think that could be improved in terms of aesthetics and visibility. Soon we will see an evolution and if you can help our protection, will be the most attractive in the world and you will have a reason to exist”. More critical has been with the state of the category: The Formula 1 is fine as it is with your current sporting regulations. It is important to follow because this has always been the DNA of the championship”.