The downsizing could have the hours counted with the new Euro 6c

2.5 V6 EcoBoost segunda generaciónThe downsizing came into our lives relatively recently. With him, the brands of cars what they were looking for was to decrease the consumption of the mechanics of gas to be evenly-matched to their engines to diesel. Basically with this technique, what is done is to decrease the displacement and/or the number of cylinders of the engine and add the supercharger to compensate for these variations in their physiognomy.

The first brand to bet openly by them was the american Ford and he did it by the big door. The first mechanic that made gala of this new current was the 1.0 EcoBoost with 100 hp and 125 hp. This engine retired to the previous 1.6 petrol in the air of the brand. In addition, if we look at the version with 100 hp CO2 emissions were in a more correct and 109 grams kilometers.

Volkswagen TSI EA211 evoThis engine has received a multitude of accolades and awards throughout the world. For this reason the rest of the brands on the sector are launched head-to-designing their engines downsizing. Volkswagen, PSA (Peugeot-Citroën-DS), General Motors, Fiat, Hyundai/Kia, and even some other japanese manufacturer already have in their ranges with an engine of this type. However, mechanical new development could be in danger once in operation the new version of the Euro 6, the C.

According to Automotive News Europe when standard anti-pollution Euro 6c to operate, the brands will have to approve the consumption and emissions of their engines by following a criterion more real and there is where the problem arises. The mechanical downsizing are very respectful at the time of issuing CO2 the atmosphere, however, if we talk about oxides of nitrogen NOx and toxic particles (PM) are a factory rolling stock of pollution.

therefore, the brands will need to redesign these mechanical and include filters, anti-particles and other systems to keep these gases. As much have until next year to 2019, but a lot of us we fear that many of the mechanical downsizing that we know today will end up dying by the high costs that will entail for the marks, modify them and adapt them.

The solution to this problem: that the marks begin to hybridize its models and increase a little the displacements (I remind you of the mechanical SkyActiv Mazda both in petrol as well as diesel) so that it does not go as tight and able to comply with the upcoming regulations, anti-pollution.

Source – Automotive News Europe