The drive from Apple may finally be a driving system autonomous

The drive from Apple may finally be a driving system autonomous and can be used by various brands. As usual, the information officer is null and void.

Ford-021C-1Orna base of operations secret, many professionals in the ‘stolen’ several automotive and dozens of assumptions, have been ups and downs, with null official information, have been characterized up to now the ‘Project Titan’ of Apple, which in theory would bring us to the market the first automobile developed by the firm based in Cupertino.

however, according to a source close to the project, Apple would be focusing its efforts away from the possibility of launching a car, but rather would be focused on the development of a driving system of autonomous, something that sounds pretty more consistent.

according to the information disseminated by Bloomberg, Bon Mansfield, who serves as the leader of the ‘Project Titan’, would be pressing for a change of approach. While Apple has not issued any comment on that, if so the driving system autonomous could be applied to various brands, such as today happens with the system Apple CarPlay for the systems of information and entertainment.

The above information, that referred to the first car of Apple, pointed out that would come to market by 2020. However, if this new approach is real, perhaps the times can be shortened. We will have to wait if there’s finally some official information, which until now has been null and void.