The driver died in the accident Tesla had not connected the Autopilot

earlier this month, a bomb fell on Tesla. There had been the first fatal accident of its impressive system of driving autonomously, the Autopilot. However, after the first investigations, it seems that the driver who died had not properly connected the system so that it was not operational at the time of the accident.


The first reports of the fatal accident start to come to light

Well at least it has communicated the own Elon Musk via Twitter. And is the founder and face more visible than the brand was under a lot of pressure in the last few days. Such has been the impact of the accident that many voices were raised against Autopilot, so much so that even various agencies of the Government called for its cancellation.

For the moment, no measures have been taken in this regard, and in light of the latest information we do not believe that is right. There are that say that the fatal accident was from a first time source of various suspicions, for it were not very clear about the reasons that the Autopilot had not reacted.

Tesla has not ruled for the moment in this regard. The first words have come out of their own Musk, but the brand is reaffirmed in the fact that the Autopilot is not the autopilot itself, but an assistant to the driving. Legit the driving entirely to this system is highly dangerous, as they can pass things such as the events.

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Since we say that the investigation remains open, but the rumors about the bad connection of the Autopilot begin to gain strength. A respite for Tesla, as the pressure to which it has been exposed in the last few days was huge. However, are still to clarify the facts of the second accident, although in this case without fatalities.