The DS 7 Crossback debuts as the official car of the new French president

DS 7 Crossback utilizado por Macron en Francia

Almost three months have passed since we saw the first real images and official of the first SUV of the DS. It’s called DS 7 Crossback and comes to be the flagship of the brand premium French PSA Group, staying above the DS 5. As all the DS, the DS 7 Crossback is characterized by a design’s very own, very French, which make it especially eye-catching and elegant.

The signature belonging to PSA is eager to launch it to the market, although there are still several months until then. Yes, there was a best advertising campaign that up to the new president of the republic in a parade through the streets of Paris. However, the used car is not a DS 7 Crossback normal. It is a unit made to conscience, and who, it seems, will never come to market. If you look, the DS 7 Crossback in which he was travelling Macron, has a convertible roof that, in principle, will not come to the market.

DS 7 Crossback La Première

in Addition to the curious convertible roof, the DS 7 Crossback with the Macron she walked through the Champs Elysees receives a navy blue for your body, 20-inch wheels with decorations and golden portabanderas to fly the “tricolor”. Although it has not been allowed to see its interior detail, the interior receives upholstery leather in black color. Probably also has led to this occasion for some kind of support to allow the new French president look out for the ceiling and say hello.

The DS 7 Crossback will hit the market in early 2018, but maybe we can see him in more occasions up to the date of launch of the hand of the French presidency. This unit will be on display from tomorrow in the DS World Paris. Changing the subject a little bit, and without wanting to meddle too much in political terms, France used cars produced in your country as vehicles of representation of the government; wouldn’t it be more that in Spain also did the same thing?