The DS 7 presents its new suspension-Active Scan that scans the asphalt

DS 7 Crossback will come to our market at the beginning of 2018 and would enter by the big door. Its aim, to present battle of the brands premium with levels of equipment and finishes to your height. For this reason, DS throws his new suspension Active Scan, which scans the terrain to suit the circumstances at all times. It is a system that use models from the likes of the BMW 7 Series or Mercedes s Class.

The PSA group is making great efforts to ensure that its recent brand DS may be received between the models of the high range. This is something that you’re giving up pretty well, if we take into account that the DS 7 was chosen by the French president Emmanuel Macron to his inauguration. But, if what you want is to compete with the big, there are to offer equipment such as this new suspension or others like the night vision camera, and DS is serving.

How it works the suspension Active Scan of DS

suspension Active Scan works thanks to a camera that scans the surface of the soil up to a distance of 20 metres ahead of the car. The system detects the imperfections of the road, such as potholes, cracks and speed bumps and anticipates them by regulating the hardness of the suspension at the moment. In charge of managing all the data captured is an electronic control unit, that may act on the 4 shock absorbers independently.

The camera is located behind the windscreen and is aided by four sensors that measure the stability of the body, in addition three accelerometers that monitor the reactions of the vehicle. All these elements take into account the car’s speed and the actions of the driver to adapt as best as possible.

The inclusion of this optional equipment in the DS 7 Crossback is a back to the cutting-edge technology in suspensions, something that already got the DS “Shark” in the 50’s. That car was a milestone in innovation thanks to its hydropneumatic suspension with automatic correction of height.

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