The DTM does not provide for a future electrical short-term


The DTM has an uncertain future, there is no doubt. However, if there is something that you seem to have a clear understanding of all the actors that make up the scenario of the German contest is that the short-term future of the series does not pass through the electrification. Without Mercedes-AMG and, aside from the current V8 engines air to give way to four-cylinder engines with turbo the result of the new regulation and symbiosis with the Super GT japanese, it is clear that the DTM does not need to electrify their cars and so have left patent the heads of the manufacturers involved.

Dieter Gass, head of Audi Sport, was the first to clarify why the DTM should not electrificarse short-term: “A championship of cars premium electric may be a possibility of a future, but not in two years. The market cannot be flooded championship electric. This is something that will not work because you will not find people who want to participate. You can have a championship sustainable with a combustion engine. The forecast is that in 2025 30% of the cars are electric, but that is seven years away and yet there will be circulating a 70% cars with a combustion engine. That’s not to be forgotten”.


Jens Marquardt, head of BMW Motorsport, has pointed out the significant costs that would have the electrification of the DTM: “we Know that the future of mobility is a mixed solution, and hence the motor must also be varied. The Formula E is great, going to towns where electric mobility is concerned. to Develop a tourism all-electric is extremely expensive, if not impossible. We have reached the zenith until now in terms of efficiency and we have race-tuned, all with a policy of cost reduction. I think that there is a place for everything. Within 10 years, maybe the situation is different, but in this moment this is the best that we have”.

Though Mercedes will not be in the championship, Ulrich Fritz, head of Mercedes-AMG, has also weighed in on the matter and has appealed to the sentiment of the public to reject the electrification: Perhaps the future could be a hybrid system with an internal combustion engine and the other electric. It is evident that we will be prepared to assume a future fully electric, but I don’t think that should be the case. I think that the question passes by to know why they are here, the fans and one of the answers is the noise of the engines. It is clear that there are who wonder if it’s worth to remove this pedigree in the championship”.