The DTM limits to the radio, the DRS and change the resalidas


The DTM starts a new era in 2017. What seemed to be a
phrase made as a result of the significant technical change that have suffered the cars
the contest, in the end is a reality appreciable. However, the promoter of
championship has been confirmed a series of changes to the sporting regulations few
days before the start of the DTM in Hockenheim. All the modifications have the objective of improve the competition and potential individual performance
the pilot
. In this aspect, the use of the radio or the DRS will be limited, the
resalidas change, and the fastest drivers will receive points in the ranking.

The qualifying sessions will have double importance in
the DTM in 2017
. In addition to defining the system of weights of compensation, now
give points to the fastest drivers. In the first aspect, the weight
basic cars of the DTM is set at 1.125 kg and apply or
removed weights of 2.5 kilos
. You may add up to 15 kilos, while
this year increases the maximum weight to withdraw up to 30 kilograms. For your
part, the driver who get the pole added three points, the second-ranked
two units and the third an extra point.

In the race, the use of the radio and the DRS is reduced. It is prohibited to
report on the pit stop own or the opponents, encouraging
pilots have more weight in your strategy. A large part of the communication between
team and rider will be limited to the slate. The limitation of the use of the radio
rise up in the pitlane, in the case of a Safety Car or under a yellow flag, always
for reasons of security. For his part, the DRS is limited to 12 laps, with a
total of 36 activations
. Finally, the resalidas after Safety Car will be in
double row
, style Indianapolis.