The duel you expected: the Mazda MX-5 faces the Toyota GT 86 (video)

The duel that everyone expected. The Toyota GT 86 – until now leader of the affordable sports moderate power – has a new rival, and is a very hard nut to crack. Because it is the new generation Mazda MX-5, which soon will tell you many things, because we have been able to prove. EVO could face the MX-5 2.0 160 hp engine against Toyota GT 86 , more powerful but heavier. What is faster and fun in an environment layout? If you like trackdays, you have to see This video .

Two car much more alike than they seem

The Mazda has 40 hp less than the Toyota, but weighs almost 200 kilos less.

Both cars use a winning combination: front-engine, rear-wheel drive. For the Mazda MX-5, speak of a 2.0 160 hp, which just have to move 1,075 kilos weight. In the case of Toyota GT 86 , it is a boxer 2.0 200 hp, which should drag 1,314 kilos . On paper, the Toyota is just 0.3 seconds slower in the 0 to 100 km / h, 7.6 seconds. In circuit tester EVO fun as a dwarf on both cars, praising in both cases the accuracy of its chassis and gearbox.

In view tester, conventional tires Toyota GT 86 – opposite the yacht compound MX-5 – make it slightly more fun , the have a happier behind. But the MX-5 is planted by slightly more grip. Face To Face, Toyota GT 86 is just 0.1 seconds slower than the MX-5 – A desprecible difference in a lap and a half minutes – the MX-5 among other reasons due to better braking Mazda, which gets most tip of Toyota in straight.

Either way, cars are virtually identical in performance, and in any case a sensational purchase.

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