The DUH also implies in the case #Dieselgate by Daimler with a Mercedes C 200 CDI


Another manufacturer returns to be under suspicion. A few weeks ago, Daimler denied that their cars were detecting test gas to pollute less deliberately. But the tests say otherwise. The unit tested has more than 66,000 kilometers and is enrolled in 2011.

there Were two tests, the first with preconditioning the day before, and another test with the engine hot. In the first case they went out 149 mg/km of NOx, within the values tolerated by the Euro 5, and almost the double of what you ask for-Euro-6 today. However, with the engine hot, emissions doubled to the limit of Euro 5.

All the manufacturers accused deny the allegations

The manufacturer disagrees on the methodology used -as all – and threatened to DUH with legal action for damage to the reputation of the company. Previously have gotten the finger in the eye of General Motors with Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTI and Renault with the Espace 1.6-litre dCi. In all three cases, the cars polluted considerably more when the tests are out of conditions very specific test.

This car would not have passed the type approval of Euro 6, that started to govern after. But if we compare the emissions of “real world” -always according to the DUH – and the limit of 80 mg/km, four times. the figures Are acceptable within the media industry, as revealed by independent tests that have been done in other laboratories, in relation to cars in its class.