The eCall system will arrive to the bikes of BMW 2017


The eCall system will arrive to the motorcycle of BMW from the next year. External companies such as the Spanish Detector offer this service for cars and bikes, but the BMW is the first manufacturer which will be available for their two-wheeled vehicles with installation and warranty in the official home.

The operation of this emergency call system eCall already know since it is very similar to that which already form part of the endowment of series of many models of cars, and that from 2018 it will be mandatory in all new passenger cars. Although by the time it is not for the bikes, not we will soon see how it becomes also a standard on them either by commitment to safety or by law.


The fact is that it works very similar to the one we already know: automatically activates an emergency call to the switchboard from the manufacturer with all the data of the location, the model of the vehicle and of the owner in the case of an accident, with the goal of sending to the emergency services as soon as possible if the situation requires it.

In the case of cars, the call is automatic if you activate the airbags or manual if the driver or one of its occupants requires urgent assistance or is a witness of an accident. On the bikes of BMW there is still a manual call with a button covered by a lid so as not to be accidentally activated, but the automatic call depends on other parameters to be activated.


The BMW motorcycles with eCall mounted a tilt sensor, and another acceleration to determine if you should make the call in case of an accident or has simply gone over a ledge or some other everyday situation. If the sensors determine that there has been a accident, fatal the emergency call is made instantly, however, if the accident is minor, as for example a fall of no importance, the call will be activated 25 seconds after to not be the driver to cancel it.

BMW will implement the eCall system optionally in their bikes from 2017 in Germany at a price still unknown. Later will be coming to other markets. We’ll see how long it takes to react to their rivals.