The eCall systems come to the bikes and BMW is a pioneer in its implementation

In 2018, the emergency call will be mandatory in all passenger cars marketed in Europe, although long, is already a regular part of the equipment of equipment of the bulk of the marks, now well, why not implement this system also in the bikes? BMW has thought of this and include it in their bikes.

This emergency call system will be available at the beginning of 2017 and is now presented as an optional element whose price has not yet been announced.

The operation of the eCall system for motorcycles follows the same schema as the schema implemented in cars, which can be operated manually via a button or automatically in the event of an accident, by sending the coordinates of the place of the accident to the call center of BMW, from where you start the emergency protocol.

This service will be available by now in the whole of Europe and opens the door to that little to little is think to establish this system on all new bikes, either by pressure on the market, because more and more manufacturers assemble or by government pressure, making it a requirement most of the safety equipment as has happened in the car.