The economy car Fiat will launch in South America in 2016


X1H is the name used for the new subcompact Fiat to launch in Brazil next year to replace the aging Palio Fire. Use an Evo 1.0 liter engine and 75 hp.


Fiat-X1H-2 F iat is putting the final details in Brazil to new subcompact based on the platform of the current one , which will reach the market next year To replace the aging Fiat Palio Fire, just as he was preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The Brazilian publication Autoesporte published projections that accompany this article, we show how approximate wear the cheaper product that Fiat will offer in the region. Production on the Brazilian Betim plant will begin next January and arrival at dealerships in Brazil is scheduled for April .

The project called X1H uses the platform of the Fiat Uno, with a wheelbase of around 2.35 meters in length. Aesthetically, the model share many elements with the One , such as the windshield or door frame, although the design of them will be different. But the similarities do not end with his appearance as a mechanical level will also have elements in common with the Uno and Palio.

X1H Under the hood of the EVO engine with block 1.0 liter engine with 75 horsepower is located. But at a later stage, the engine will be replaced by one of the new engines GSE three cylinders of about 80 hp, a propellant will standard with a system of starting and stopping the engine and also One will use the Palio and in the version of 100 hp.

In Brazil, promise that this new Fiat will be sold with an entry price of 30,000 reais, which equals about $ 7,600 at current exchange , around the same price as today are offers in that market the old Fiat Palio Fire.




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