The electric also emit CO2 and are now realizing it

Nissan Leaf , the automobile industry is in constant revolution. The last and most likely future focuses on the electrification of the driving. However, we must remember that the first cars in history were driven by electricity, what happened is that the combustion engines are imposed by their lower weight and greater autonomy. This is the issue that is causing you to not develop at the pace that the industry would like.

however that the vehicles become electric will not make it go away the pollution of the world. Indeed, we could even create more than there are currently. The reason is simple and is based on the creation of this electricity. electric vehicles will need to juice of a dinosaur to move, however, will increasingly need electricity. Electricity that is create because it does not exist.

contaminación eléctricosthat is where the problem lies. is Not the same to obtain electrical energy from the sun, the air, jumps of water or the burning of fossil fuels. Currently the majority of the countries of the world are not self-sufficient in clean electricity refers to. The most used burning fuels, coal and even nuclear energy. This is why electric vehicles could increase the world’s pollution.

If the power for propelling these vehicles is obtained by means of renewable sources, these electric vehicles are one hundred percent friendly with the environment. However if you are driven by electricity from of polluting sources emit pollution into the world in an indirect way. Therefore, we must raise awareness that electric vehicles are only clean if your electricity comes from renewable sources.

with Bloomberg has published a report in which finally are made public the words I have referred to above. In it give details as significant as that an electric vehicle driven in Germany is thirteen times more gas than if you drive the same vehicle in France. However, both cars are on average about twenty times less polluting than one of combustion.

These data show a significant reduction in pollution that emit electric vehicles over the internal combustion. However there is that study many aspects for electric mobility we don’t electrocute them all before time.

Source – Bloomberg