The electric car finds refuge economic in crowdfunding

CrowdfundingFor those who do not know what is the crowdfunding I will explain in a very simple way. The crowdfunding (translated from English) consists in the search for public funding for a business idea, social cause or environmental on the part of a person or entrepreneur. It is a public search why is not tied to the traditional financing (provided by banks or financial) and is nurtured by independent people who feel related to the cause or want to be a part of the business you want to start.

Because this type of financing is that you are looking for Sono Motors. This company, through a crowdfunding campaign want to raise more than 150,000 euros to develop their flagship project. This project is intended to create a solar car and electric functional and with enough autonomy to travel. In addition, this initiative and project that have a deadline; the 2018.

Crowdfunding coche eléctricoThis project has the following background technologicalor. The brand has planned to launch to the market in the year 2018 a solar car and electric submitted exclusively to to improve the mobility of the medium and large cities. Will have a capacity to displace six occupants. The autonomy that will have the model depend on the capacity of the battery and will be between the 120 and 250 km. In addition, may reach 140 kilometres an hour as maximum speed in the version with greater battery capacity.

The access model, which will have a autonomy of 120 kilometers will have a battery of 14.4 kWh capacity and will have a starting price of 12,000 euros. The second variant will have 250 km of autonomy from a battery of 30 kWh and cost from 16,000 euros. With these technical features you are looking for that is economic of manufacture and can be accessible to the public at a reduced cost.

With regard to the patrons who provide money to fund this project, the directors of Sono Motors want to compensate them in the following way. In function of the amount of money being provided will be able to test drive for a few hours or even days, and increasing the amount of money they have contributed will be able to even purchased one of their models at a more advantageous price.

Hopefully Sono Motors meets its objectives and thanks to the crowdfunding and the support of the general public can revolutionize sustainable mobility in large cities. Good luck and go for it.

Source – Sono Motors