The electric cars will cost the same as the combustion from 2025


Tesla Model 3, the electric more than is currently expected.

The question was inevitable, when the moment will come when that electric cars are not more expensive than fuel traditional?. Until not too long ago, and depending on whom you asked, the horizon was fixed between 15 and 25 years, however, the proliferation of projects in these past few years has made that has come considerably that possible to date, and according to a latest report published by Bloomberg, is less than a decade for that day to come.

According to Bloomberg, the constant fall in the cost of the batteries will cause in 2025, an electric vehicle has the same price at the dealer that one of traditional combustion. For the January 1, 2025 are less than eight years, although to achieve this goal, the current market should follow the same course that, until now, for the analysts responsible for this study have been based on the market evolution of battery current.

The study points out both to the north american market as the european, so far the scenario posed by this latest report, it is likely that the vehicle that we buy the majority of the consumers after that date, will be an electric to equal conditions, the vehicle of traditional combustion cannot compete with an equivalent electrical.


Volkswagen I. D. Concept, the first step of the German giant to the pure electric.

According to the report, the lowering of the price of the batteries will accelerate more than expected in the next few years, leading to a fall in the prices of electric vehicles. Currently, the batteries represent about 50 percent of the cost of an electric car, so that a variation in the price of these will have a big impact on the final price of the vehicle.

In the next few years, before 2025, we will reach numerous models electrified, since new variants hybrid up ranges to the full electric vehicles, as the groups VAG or Daimler. What will trigger the demand for batteries and will need to increase its production, contributing to lower the cost of the same wholesale volume, though there is also another factor to take into account the new environmental regulations will increase the price of the own combustion vehicles, which will help to that the price difference decreases.

to be correct the estimates of this report, in the last half of the coming decade , we could attend at the beginning of the demise of the combustion engine in the major markets of the world. In a scenario in which an electric vehicle has a livability, autonomy and price similar to one of traditional combustion, with the added advantages of greater economy of use thanks to eliminate the cost of fuel (much more expensive than electricity) and to a maintenance more economic, the majority of customers would choose (in theory) the most advantageous electric model. Only certain models, as the sports segment, , could maintain loyal customers, although not much farther in time, these would also be replaced by electric models.