The Electric GT is passed to the Tesla Model S P100D


The Electric GT walking toward his first season and wants to do it with the best technical basis. Just so it is understood that after six months of work, the promoter of the event electric has decided to take a leap of quality and to change the Tesla Model S P85+ for the more powerful version of the range of the vehicle in california. In this way, the Electric GT will use the Tesla Model S P100D as the basis for the model that will be used in 2017, in a move which implies that EGT and OMP shall have a dose of extra work from here to the next year.

Although in general terms is a step forward, what is certain is that the change from one model to another is more sound that complex. In fact, at the technical level will keep almost all of the work done on the Tesla Model S P85+ at the chassis level, emptying of the compartment, installation of the roll cage FIA or in terms of cooling. In this way, the step forward will come primarily at the level prestacional as the version 2.0 of the Electric GT will have more power and enhanced performances, with a battery of 100 kWh. In addition you will take advantage of this break to make a few tweaks, aerodynamic and suspension.

great news for the 20 drivers and 10 teams that will take part of the Electric GT in the season 2017, every time there will be more acceleration, power and energy to compete in each session of a competition that already has a good number of pilots that opositan to become a hollow to the year of debut of the series. In this aspect, the names of Dani Clos, Olivier Lombard, Stefan Wilson, Vicky Piria or Leilani Münter have been added in recent dates, the other riders of the caliber of Tom Colonel, Alice Powell, Tom Onslow-Cole or Ricardo Teixeria.