The Electric GT will be launched on the island of Ibiza


on The 27th of September will always be a special day for the
new Electric GT
. The first contest aimed at vehicles GT 100% electric has
come to life with its official presentation on the island of Ibiza. Although still
there are many details to reveal, especially in terms of the development of the championship
and calendar, this act has served to know most of the keys to Tesla
Model S P85D+ and the format of racing that will continue to the championship
. Agustin Payá
he was the grand master of ceremonies that has been explaining each of the key
surrounding this contest.

For its first season, the Electric GT will be raced with the Tesla Model S P85D+ and most of their tests will take place in Europe, making it likely that at least competes for a quote on Spanish soil. At the moment there is no timetable confirmed, but the presentation on Ibiza has served to certify that the category will have a similar format to Formula E, but with two races without changing the car. The action on track will focus on a day, limiting the minutes of free, betting on a format of superpole and two races of short duration.

As explained by Agustín Payá, the sessions free they will be limited
to 20 minutes. After this first contact, drivers and teams are
face 30 minutes of classification divided into 5 runs with 4 cars
. The
best classified in each batch will go to a final round, in a format
Superpole is very similar to the Formula E. The first race will take place in
around four in the afternoon, while the second leg will be played at the
. In no case will be used to external lighting and yes to the of the
own a Tesla Model S P85D+.


In regards to the Model S P85D+, also Augustine
Payá has revealed some of its keys. One of the key aspects in the
preparation of the electric vehicle has been to improve the cooling, point
crucial in any racing car. In addition they have installed the
common security systems of a race car with a bucket of carbon-fiber, fire-extinguishing system and roll cage approved
by the FIA
. The couple have eliminated the unnecessary elements of the
Tesla Model S P85D+ serial as it is part of the dashboard and the seats.

At the mechanistic level, and given the great performance and reliability
Tesla Model S P85D+ series, has been chosen by maintain the power unit
electric original
, as the set of batteries of 85 kWh. By
issues of consumption itself that has changed the electronics of the vehicle to
to limit their speed to 220 km/h, although that does not limit its high-torque,
great asset of any electric car. With a power of around 400
HP, the Tesla Model S P85D+ Electric GT presents an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than
3 seconds

In the part cycle has opted for a suspension of
competition, adjustable in height, hardness and length of the pier, as well as a
brake system with discs and calipers high performance. It has also been
installed an aerodynamic kit of carbon fiber that includes splitter,
various elements of the aerodynamic, air intakes on the hood, diffuser or a
rear wing adjustable carbon fiber
. The last item to own
of the competition are the Pirelli tyres. In this case it has been chosen by
a front tire of 265×645 millimeters and a rear tire bigger
305×660 millimeters
, both with wheels of 18 inches.