The electrification comes to MINI: Possible variant for electric 2019

As many other brands, BMW is organizing an offensive to electrify, both hybrids and fully electric, part of its fleet. This plan would come to the year 2025, and in the BMW believe that the sales of this type of cars could represent up to 25% globally. This year, BMW plans to sell 100.000 vehicles electrified, which would mean selling half of this type of vehicles that the brand has in circulation.

Knowing this, perhaps the news of the possible arrival of a MINI all-electric does not impress too much. This new compact electrified three-door would be built in Great Britain, and else would market in 2019. The production of this new model are given in british soil it is a relief to the plant of MINI in Oxford because of the situation that has imposed the Brexit.

“Our system of production, adaptable and innovative and able to react quickly to customer demand.” said Oliver Zipse, delegate of production at BMW.

to Have a new variant within MINI , either hybrid or electric, customers will have more options to choose, and reaffirm the stylish urbanite brand. In addition, it will be a great rival with other models that have already suffered the electrification, such as the Volkswagen e-Golf or the Audi A3 e-tron.

“If needed, we can increase the production of motor components of a fast and effective way, in accordance with the evolution of the market,” said Oliver Zipse, with respect to the system of production of MINI.

With this movement, MINI will add to the current that many brands are adopting. Either electrifying its entire range, or by introducing new variants electrified, there is no doubt that they want to take advantage of that new market share. Will have to see as it behaves a new MINI electric, and if will continue to maintain its essence in spite of incorporating new technologies of propulsion.

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