The emblems most special of Aston Martin: How are they made?

due To the recent start of the championship endurance WEC 2016, Aston Martin wanted to pay homage to all the calendar appointments, requesting for its department of customization Q by Aston Martin a curious work of craftsmanship that is well worth to be known. The emblem of the manufacturer of a car is untouchable, there lies its entire essence, but Aston Martin has wanted to offer something different in their Aston Martin Vantage GTE and this has been the result.

The creation of each one of the emblems used by each model in the Aston Martin, whether it is competition or not, employs an artisan process, where sheets of steel are pressed and subsequently hardened to become the starting point of the classic symbol of Aston Martin. The changes of this special edition have to do with the subsequent treatment, where Aston Martin abandons its classic hues of green, black, and white to welcome the hue of each one of the banners that will host a round of the championship WEC 2016.

emblema-aston-martin-wec-2016-11The possibilities of Q by Aston Martin are almost infinite, being the termination of its logo one of their many options

In this way, 9 different designs to create this tribute: United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, the U.S., Japan, China and Bahrain. The process of painted, lacquered and buffed is a manual job carried out by the specialists of Q by Aston Martin in collaboration with the jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. The end result can not be better, becoming one of those details that remain in the history of the competition and the brand.

But do not forget that this work of Aston Martin is not new, and is that although altering the emblem of a brand is something that very few manufacturers dare, Aston Martin and his department Q by Aston Martin as we are accustomed to endings of all sorts, from carbon fiber to graphite, by passing the titanium and colors are impossible such as purple or turquoise to sign some special editions.


Source: Aston Martin
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