The end of the party well deserved for Force India: “we will come Back stronger in 2018”


The team Force India has been exceeded for a year, optimizing the available resources to the maximum and exceeding the 173 points scored last season with a career less, after indoctrinating two riders that had their clashes on the track with negative results for the structure, but who knew how to adapt to the standards set by the responsible.

“it was Not the most exciting race for me, but I had a first lap very busy fighting with Nico”, explained Sergio Perez. His battle with Hülkenberg ended up with a penalty of 5 seconds for the German pilot of Renault, as it cut off the track and not returned to the position of the mexican. “I Think their penalty was very strange, because it was in front of him and cut the curve, gaining a great advantage and position. He had more pace, and in clean air I could gain time and disable the penalty”.


The duels between Perez and Ocon have subtracted points to the team, but eventually their rivalry has benefited them more than hurt them.

“I Should have returned the position simply as it is established, as he later did with Grosjean, and he would have to have advance track”. However, Hülkenberg got the points he needed, the team of diamond to make the leap to the sixth position in the constructors ‘ championship, although Perez was able to stay ahead of his team-mate. “It’s my first year in Force India not to get a podium, but I think we have taken a big step forward. I have finished with one point less than last year with 20 races in the calendar instead of 21. I don’t think we could have done better this year, I hope that we can continue to do so in 2018”.



Ocon has shone in his first full year in Formula 1.

Esteban Ocon took the VJM10 to the finish line after winning only position left to you desolate Daniel Ricciardo to drop out due to hydraulic problems, in a race “pretty quiet, that did not happen too many things.”. The French rider also had his more and his less with Hülkenberg, who almost advances in the output, something impossible finally because “he had the line and was able to brake later”.

I Used a different strategy to that of Czech, and although in the end I was getting to close to him, I missed turns

“I Used a different strategy to that of Czech, and although in the end I was getting to close to him, I missed turns”, said Ocon. His first full season in Formula 1 he stops just behind his companion box, a season that has shown to be able to be at the maximum level. “I’m really proud of what we have achieved as a team this year, the winter months will require a lot of training to come back stronger if it is to be in 2018”, concluded Ocon.