The enemies of the BMW M2: 4 sporting around 300 HP (and more) for less than 60.000€

it’s here! Very soon we will test the new BMW M2, a moment that, to be honest we were expecting from a long time ago, since we knew that BMW had had the bright idea of expanding the range of the M with the smaller of their coupes. With 370 HP, the BMW M2 will not make shadow to his older brother, the BMW M4. But you will be with me in a sport as spicy as this, with the six-cylinder engine TwinPower Turbo from BMW, and in a package smaller than an M4 is, with all of the law, the true successor of the M3 of yesteryear, and even the 2002ti turbo, which is all we had dreamed of. Now, what are your rivals? Let us look at these 4 sports with more than 300 HP, for less than€ 60,000, if you are looking for a sporty powerful could come between a BMW M2 and garage.

to Find sports with a philosophy comparable to that of the BMW M2 Coupe is very difficult. First, because the coupes of its size do not abound, and those that exist do not have engines as powerful, and proposals as sporting as the BMW. Second, because the sports that most come to you are not actually a coupe, but a two-seater. Third, because the few that are comparable in price and potency are compact come to more, with its five doors, like the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC or the Audi RS3 Sportback.

In any case, we will explore all the possibilities. Recall that the BMW M2 starts in Spain in 62.900€, and that for 67.708 euros you can take with automatic.


Porsche Cayman: last call for the boxer six-cylinder

you are Looking for a sporty, unique, powerful, rear-wheel-drive and lots of fun. If that is your idea there are few better alternatives than a Porsche Cayman. As the BMW M2, is available with manual shifting and automatic. The big difference with the BMW is that the Cayman is a two-seater, with which you have before you is a great dilemma, to the benefit of the two-seater extra that offers the BMW M2, with or without to bring you one of the best sports in the market. You can take it for 57.461€ 275 CV and manual change.

the best of the Porsche Cayman: this sport is at the cutting edge of the end of its commercial life, which, far from being a negative aspect, it is a last call for the true lovers of Porsche. It will be the last chance to get a Porsche Cayman with the engine bóxer of six cylinders, maximum torque, and 275 HP. His successor will come with two engines, of 300 and 350 HP, but based on a boxer engine four-cylinder and turbo.

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Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC: fury AMG with only four cylinders

I Already said that it is very difficult to find a true coupe with the power and rage of the BMW M2, and more two-seater. The proposal of Mercedes-Benz is a compact five-door, more practical, and spacious, but also with all the fury of the new engine Mercedes-AMG four-cylinder. A block with only 1.991 cm3 and turbo by comes to the 381 HP of power. Only available with automatic change of double clutch and four-wheel drive, unlike the BMW M2 is back, and has manual shifting. It is available from 57.550€.

the best of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC: all the spirit of a true AMG in a container smaller and more economical. Did not enjoy the sound gangoso and overwhelming that all we remember of a good AMG, especially the air of yesteryear, but instead we found ourselves with a four-cylinder engine with turbo, too much thrust at all revs, and a gurgling and backfiring exhaust that falls in love with.

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Audi RS3 Sportback: a beast to devour curves

If you are looking for a sporty powerful, with far too much space, and a performance of scandal, the Audi RS3 Sportback offers one of the alternatives more interesting market. Account with 367 BHP of power, from a five-cylinder 2.5-liter. It features four-wheel drive quattro, a guarantee to devour curves with the utmost precision, although you may hook less than the rear-wheel drive of the BMW M2. Few sports are so practical for the day-to-day, exciting, spacious, and aggressive as this.

the best of the Audi RS3 Sportback: its traction capability, and its ability to bring us smiles from ear to ear at every turn.

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Nissan 370Z NISMO: the great unknown

Is the real capping and perhaps his only problem is that instead of one star, four rings, a blade, or a horse, has on the hood the emblem of Nissan. From 32.900€ the Nissan 370Z is a bargain, we’re not going to grow tired of repeating it. It is two-seater, it is not as refined, nor comfortable, as the premium germans. But with 328 horsepower and a V6 engine offers one of the best relationships between power and the market price. By 45.200€ you can take the more radical alternative, exclusive and powerful. Between you and me, a NISMO is not going to bring any joy that you might not find in a 370Z normal and current, but yes 344 horsepower, a spoiler duck tail rather curious, sports seats Recaro and much enjoyment with your manual change.

the best of the Nissan 370Z: a lot of power, lots of fun, a sound forceful, and a V6 maximum power (which nowadays is a real rarity), at the price of a sedan well equipped.

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