The engine 1.5 Evo for Volkswagen will arrive at the Skoda Octavia to the middle of the year

Skoda Octavia 2017

One of the most important novelties introduced by the Volkswagen Group in the past year 2016 was a new engine. The downsizing seems that is not so kind to our planet, for their pollutant emissions, as we wanted to see and some manufacturers are retreating and developing engines less “tight” to really get some figures of the pollutant emissions are lower in circulation usual and not just on a test bench.

Volkswagen Group will replace little by little your current motor 1.4 TSI, that has been on the market more than a decade, by a propeller 1.5 TSI Evo much more modern and packed with technology. The first model to premiere will be the Volkswagen Golf in its recently submitted update that in just a few weeks you will begin to see in our streets. For the moment we know that this new engine will be available in two variants, one of 130 HP and another 150 HP. This engine will arrive in the second half of this year to the Skoda Octavia.

Skoda Octavia 2017

So has announced the head of communication of Skoda, Peik von Bestenbostel, the means Auto Express:the new engine will come in the second half of this year”. The current Skoda Octavia associated with the engine 1.4 TSI, which remember, is already offering the system ACT of disconnection of cylinders at low loads, approves an average consumption of 5.2 l/100 km When you receive this new powertrain is likely that fuel costs through approved is below 5 liters.

As we all know, the Volkswagen Group you should try to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles to the max with some technologies that will really contain the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere. In Europe it is not a big problem, but in the rest of markets, the German giant has a tough role if you want to get the trust of their clients, especially in the united States. This new engine 1.5 TSI say that it is a revolution; we will see.

Source – Auto Express

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