The engine 2.3 EcoBoost 350 HP Ford Focus RS and its quality control with the listener of engines

escuchador de motores Ford Focus RS 2.3 EcoBoost 350 CVWhen each time the production of cars is more automated, quality controls of the cars are still carried out by persons skilled in the art. The painting, the adjustments of the body, the lights or the settings of the interior are some of the items that check the technical quality before a car out in the street. The Ford Focus RS adds one more step of quality control, with the listeners of engines that are in charge of verifying the good condition of the engine 2.3 EcoBoost 350 HP that propels this beast.

In the plant of Almussafes, Valencia, in the building of the Ford Focus RS, a series of operators specifically trained to use their ears to determine the quality of an engine. Are the listeners of engines. His ear is so finely tuned that they are able to detect abnormalities in an engine just by the sound of it. Rely on tools that amplify the sound in different areas to further increase its accuracy.


The listeners of motors check all motors for the Ford Focus RS in for defects. Have been previously trained with motors defective for this purpose in a process that takes months of training and preparation and a strict monitoring to check the worth of each one of these technical listeners of engines. The quality control of the engine will be in one of the 18 sound-proofed booths that Ford used for these tests and there will be only a minute to make a good diagnosis of the heart of the Ford Focus RS.

If the engineer detects some problem in the engine, this will be section of the assembly line for inspection and repair. The Ford Focus RS is not the only engine whose engine passes by these experienced technicians listeners of engines, the Focus ST, Galaxy, S-Max and Mondeo with EcoBoost engine also benefit from these rigorous quality controls. are Daily supervised more than 2,000 engines.

Source – Ford

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