The engineer of track, Räikkönen leaves Ferrari


the work of The engineer of track of a pilot in Formula 1 can go unnoticed in a timely manner to the general public, but their role within the team is critical to ensure that the efforts dedicated to it an entire weekend of Great Prize to come forward come to fruition, reassuring and giving all the required information to the pilot in question for it to only have to worry about carrying the race car to the maximum, something which is not always a simple task.

The relationship they establish both sides, to be strong and narrow, it can lead to conversations on the radio in which two words are sufficient, with the consequent saving of time when the action is at the moment the culmination of the career, in addition to providing an advance that greatly facilitates the task of the rest of the participants.

David Greenwood, the engineer of track Kimi Räikkönen from 2015, will leave his post in Ferrari to join presumably the program Manor in the world of resistance, acquiring a position of important responsibility in the project of the LMP1 Ginetta for the season 2018/2019.

The british was involved in the passage of the now-defunct Marussia Formula 1 as chief engineer, and his departure from the premier class back to the Uk fed with the internal restructuring that had been proposed by the Scuderia with the intention to expedite the routine processes that face the teams of the grill in order to deal with more whole the coming year.