The engineers Fernando Alonso talk about their talent

Alonso con el MP4-31 en el GP de China 2016own Ron Dennis admits “at this time Fernando is still the best“, referring to the double champion Fernando Alonso, why if you weren’t going to pay for a millionaire salary and may have other pilots better than also charge less… what Is have gone mad at McLaren? What were crazy in a Ferrari when you want to stay? What Renault was also full of mindless? What about at Mercedes, Toto Wolff thinking of a possible replacement for Rosberg, they are also idiots? Also what should be the Christian Horner for having loved, Red Bull, Williams, Toyota, and 99% of the teams.

Despite who will despite, whatever it takes to understand it, is undeniable. We have one of the best F1 drivers in history, the best today and many, far from proud are full of insults or contempt for the Spanish rider. Perhaps this would not happen if it were a football player… where it is a crime to go with another computer or another selection that is not the national. But no, it’s better to support other foreign riders (which is not bad), the problem comes when you admire them you need to destroy the figure of Alonso for not shine more.

Alonso y Dennis en el GP de Australia 2016What you can’t is a sin to be more popish than the Pope, as some journalists of this country who praised both the figure of Alonso coming to engender hatred toward the wealthy and get to exceed the limits of what is rational. But there to recognize the reality there is a stretch. Now their engineers have wanted to speak, to The Confidential, their ability of piloting is to certify once more all that I say:

  • Mark Temple (race engineer to Alonso): “Think a lot of other things while flying, in things that go beyond the immediate return. I often question things about the strategy that will demonstrate very clearly. That incredible global awareness is a strength that has always had, that ability to fly very fast, with very few mistakes, as you think about the race in its entirety and manages it. […] it Is able to extract the maximum all the time and in a different way. […] When it has been slower than Button in the trainings, for example, it is invariably because he has exceeded the limit that is required, not because it has fallen short. […] We like to attack and be aggressive at the entrance of the curve, that is one of their strengths. So it is able to maintain a lot of speed in the corners and attack in some circuits -such as Singapore, where it is extremely sharp. […] Fernando has a driving style of great adaptability. The way he has to adapt to a car, to a track or a tire is impressive. […] Will come and tell you: ‘I Think the problem is this’. Look at the data and say: ‘do Not see’. And it is because he is adapting to this problem. So guide us in saving the limitations, but it does not mean that is not the problem, is that it is difficult to see. Sometimes, if you look at the first few laps, when it still has not found the limit, then often you see that the problem has manifested itself for the first time in the data. […] What is truly amazing in it is that it is very strong in all areas. Is able to identify areas of weakness and to think about them, work them and belittle them.“.
  • Will Joseph (performance engineer of Alonso): “ What Is a pilot? No, absolutely not, is very clear that it is at a different level with respect to others with whom I have worked (Hamilton, Perez, for example). […] Is able to assimilate a lot of information, which is truly amazing. Cares about the smallest details. It is very refreshing and will change the way you work.”.
  • Joan Villadelprat also once said, recalling when he worked with Fernando: “Prioritizes. You said: ‘you have to concentrate on setting up the car for this and this curve. Forget the rest,, I I’“.

Defend a pilot is not to attack the rest. Perhaps when you have to attack to defend a pilot is because there are characteristics or extraordinary abilities in the person that we want to defend and have to resort to the attack. If so, you’re defending the person inappropriate… I am ahead with this to the possible comments.