The engines boxer Subaru meet 50 years


The engines boxer Subaru meet 50 years

Are fulfilled 50 years of the engines boxer Subaru. The builder japanese has opted for five decades by its engines of architecture boxer. The first of them appeared in may 14, 1966 in the Subaru 1000, a small block 1.0 liter, 55 HP. After that it seems that they have not had anything bad taking into account that have produced 16 million of these engines.

As you already know it is a particular architecture longitudinal opposing cylinders. Two cylinder heads, with two pistons each are placed symmetrically, this is a balance of rotation that provides great smoothness during gait, eliminating noise and vibration, in addition to enjoying a touch, very sporty throughout the rev range engine.


The Subaru 1000 was the first to ride one of them

in Addition to its shape, more elongated and less high makes it easy to get a lower center of gravity by making its vehicles earn on sportsmanship and behavior. The results jump to the view of both in their sports cars street as the used in competition, for example in the 24 hours of Nürburgring.

To this day, Subaru offers all range of engines boxer in both petrol as well as diesel, being the only one who has dared to develop a propeller as well. Their powers range between 114 CV of the 1.6-litre up to the 300 HP 2.5 liters of the spectacular Subaru WRX STI. The adventure of the diesel began in 1999 although it was not until 2008 that we saw the first vehicle of street working with him.


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But the engines Boxer shorts are also a fundamental part of the particular traction integral permanent Subaru call Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Which Subaru also feel proud since it announces that it has produced 15 million units of this system of traction that provides great grip and stability at high speed. Subaru rode the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for the first time in the Leone 4WD Estate, 1972.

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