The enormous fiasco of the futuristic bus high chinese


The TEB in your hangar in the same street where it was premiered.

This summer we knew the futuristic project of the Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB)), a curious project of a gigantic electric bus that had the particularity of being sobreelevado, by allowing that the vehicles could pass under the, a new interpretation of the urban traffic that was to be the answer for the congested streets of china. The presentation of the project and the idea were spotless and very attractive, but today, the only prototype known to the TEB rests forgotten in a hangar improvised on the same street in which he conducted his tests this summer.

the reason the project is stopped and the prototype, and pass their days collecting dust are several, but by the reports coming from China it seems that the project did not only not come forward, but has all the appearance of having been a sovereign tease, and what is worse, there seems to be no one to give answer to the investors, that lead months dreading to say goodbye to close to € 137 million has been the cost to the project.

Shortly after the presentation, carried out in a single street that had been rented for this purpose and where it rests still a prototype, several voices in China rose up against the project. On the one hand, and with reason, many asked how could implement this elaborate idea in the real traffic, since there are not a few problems this entails, but some media already commented on the possibility that the project itself was a mere scam. Exclusively made to capture the money of the investors.


Image taken during the media inauguration.

The company in question, Huaying Group, not only was building the promised factory where it would carry out the production of the mastodóntico invention, but they had not even requested nor a single permit to do so. Currently, no one has taken charge of the prototype, the day passes by forgotten picking up dust. According to the guardians of the facilities, long time ago nothing is known of the leaders of the company.

exacerbated by the many unanswered questions that originates from the project itself. In theory the vehicle should move by rail, but no one has explained why the time something as simple as the turning maneuver before a curve, or turning in a street, something unthinkable for the moment to the only prototype available and which, therefore, makes a project impossible to carry out, at least for the urban traffic.

on the other hand, the free height, which leaves under the only allows moving vehicles under 2.1 meters in height, so that a van or a truck can not pass under the, or any vehicle with cargo on the roof. Likewise, it is not very safe for users of two wheels, because when you pass under is outside the range of vision of the driver, so that before an accident, the motorist or cyclist would be exposed.


Its ground clearance does not allow the passage of high vehicles.

Another small detail is that requires an urban infrastructure of its own, and we refer to the thousands of miles of rails required, as the passengers cannot access it from the level of the ground, so that would have to be a whole series of stations and stops raised to gain access to the vehicle. Likewise, some media pointed out that the huge and heavy TEB, of more than 20 meters long, is too heavy for the streets, chinese, famous for its typical potholes.

In the same way, in an emergency situation, the passengers would be trapped to more than two feet above the ground, , which would lead to a disposal rather complex and dangerous, and all those people that did not have good physical shape would be very difficult to get out.

Interestingly, the street in which it is located is the same that was leased to the city of Qinhuangdao. Street, which remains cut off still due to the presence of the electric bus, and his ship, which occupy some 300 meters of the street., without a semblance of that the city can recover soon. With the consequent problem to the traffic of the city.


Its interior open space is immense.

All these basic details it seems that were not taken into account during the design process, or at least what it seems, as the company still has not given a single valid answer to these questions in the chinese media that have been interested in the project.

For the moment, the company announced last summer that it would continue with the tests as a response to the allegations expressed by the chinese press. However, come the month of December the awesome and probably utopian TEB is still standing and collecting dust, without the prospect that their situation will change, at least in the short term. Either a pipe dream or a mere scam, by the time the TEB will not fix the traffic in any city of the future.