The EPA Trump not fight against the climate change


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the agency responsible for ensuring the compliance of the regulation of polluting emissions and consumption of fuels that are there in the united States. This entity works to care for the environment of the dangers to which they are subjected on the part of the industries, the cars and the poor treatment of the people. The problem with this agency is that your address depends on directly of the president of the united States and now, with the arrival of Donald Trump to be able to you may spend to protect the environment to protect the interests of the industries.

we All know that Trump is a business man who has forged himself “doing what it has been in wins when he has come in wins”. A person that is so do not shy away the money although to achieve this need to contaminate and end with the environment. As he, unfortunately, still there are those who thinks and acts and therefore are more interested in covering another series of satisfactions that the care the environment.


well, the good Donald Trump has decided to bring to the front by the EPA a person who does not believe in the environment or in his care to avoid their destruction. Scott Pruitt would bring to the EPA a radical change in their behavior to curb climate change. If recently, the agency warned that it preferred to maintain the emission standard as raised by the executive Obama, it now seems that it will delay its entry into force, or could even be suspended.

According to this lord (plus others related to him) greenhouse gases do not represent a danger to the public health. These statements are derived from a failed attempt to revoke one of the reports approved by the EPA to begin to reduce the emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere. It has also put in doubt if there is a consensus on climate change, and if the human behavior is an influence.

Be that as it may gives us that this lord is going to give a lot to talk about. Time to time.

Source – Automotive News