The EPA will not give more time for the brands to adapt to the law


that have affiliated in the united States the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), car manufacturers and the president-elect Donald Trump is to make a novel. The government of president Barack Obama managed to pass a law to promote energy saving by reducing the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. However, this law has been very controversial because the car manufacturers have done everything humanly possible to not be approved.

today we do not know what will happen with it, since when Trump gets to the White House and set permanently your executive might go to the fret. A few days ago we reported that the EPA wanted to stop the regulation of gas such as it is, but then we learned that the person who will be at the forefront of this agency is to contrary to the fight against climate change and therefore very likely to send it to the fret as between the door and sit in your comfortable armchair.

Contaminación EPA

however , EPA it seems that it is willing to give war and now is closed in band to cripple the law or to authorize the manufacturers to jump to the bullfighter. The protective agency of the environment has informed the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers will not extend the deadline to adapt their mechanical to the standards approved under the act and that therefore will have to comply if they want to keep selling their cars on american soil.

This alliance has described the decision taken by the EPA as disappointing because they have not met the deadlines that they themselves set up to confirm the input value of the standard. In addition, they have also reported that are hopeful that the executive Trump knocked out the rules or the re-rewriting to make it more lenient to their interests.

we shall See how just this, but it looks like that’s worse than the Rosary of the Aurora.

Source – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)