The epitaph of the newborn Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017


Die before birth, that seems to be the final destination of the
Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017
. After the decision of the French manufacturer of
leave the World of Rallies with immediate effect to the completion of the
season 2016, the project of development of the World Rally Car of new generation has lost all sense unless last-minute surprises. All in all,
the members of the test programme of the Polo R WRC 2017 have decided to
to get to the end and in the last days, the World Rally Car in germany has
completed his last test scheduled on the snow in Sweden

Surrounded by a large part of the technical that we have seen the birth of
and grow, posing next to Dieter Depping and Marcus Gronholm, the last two
pilots that have been given to their commanders, the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 has
signed their last kilometers of testing for achieve 100% of your
. The vehicle is ready to compete, although, in principle, not
will do, thus putting an end to a year and a half of work that should
having finished in an approval for the time not take place,
less than full form and in the form.


The history of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 ends as well a
a year and a half after
the start of the work with a mule testing in little
or nothing seems to be the model that leaves in Sweden. By the way the 200
employees of the factory in Hannover that have been focused on this project
have mutated the essence of a model that has received a wide body full
of aerodynamic appendages, steps wheel very aggressive, and other items as
a remarkable sink or a large rear spoiler, marking in some way the way
to continue for the rest of manufacturers

In fact, although the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 will not reach
to compete in the WRC ever, you can say that your legacy will since
the solutions used by the technicians of Volkswagen Motorsport at the time
to develop this vehicle have been followed by the rest of manufacturers
in creating their World Rally Cars. However, training German has been a pioneer
in the development of this vehicle
, marking in some way the way the rest
of brands that started their projects much later and with the mirror on the Pole
R WRC 2017 in mind.