The ePrix of Berlin will return to the airport of Tempelhof


The ePrix of Berlin has been one of the appointments fixed in the calendar of the Formula E since the debut of the category. In 2015 the race in the German capital took place on a track built on the runway of the Tempelhof airport. However, in the ‘Season Two’ the race had to be displaced to the center of the city, to a circuit city around Alexanderplatz, as Tempelhof was designed to accommodate the thousands of refugees who fled the war in Syria. Now, todo makes indicate that the ePrix of Berlin will return to the airport of Tempelhof.

The mayor of the city is in permanent discussions with the promoter of the Formula E return the ePrix of Berlin to the premises of the famous terminal. Although the race of 2016 was a success in terms of organization, Michael Müller is in favour of moving the race away from the centre of the city and use a space that does not affect the road traffic of the German capital. All in all, the political party SPD is encountering the opposition of the green party local, although the return of the Formula And to Tempelhof could be announce this week.

The return of the Formula And to the facilities of Tempelhof could come from the hand of a revision of the original layout. While in 2015 will be competed in a circuit composed of 17 curves and with a length of 2.47 miles, in the face of the ‘Season Three’ used a version slightly longer and with a few tweaks in its design, although this term is still to be confirmed. All in all, Tempelhof will host a race of Formula E, thus giving a use to facilities which for 80 years has welcomed millions of planes and that, since 2008, are the focus of sporting and cultural events.