The ePrix of Brussels does not find its site in the city


The ePrix of Brussels is one of the new events that includes
the calendar of the Formula E
in your ‘Season Three’. However, the
incorporation of the belgian capital to the category of cars electrical
FIA is creating more of a headache both to the city council of the
city as the promoter of the championship. After two locations failed,
circuit that must accommodate the ePrix of Brussels has not yet found its
space in the city
and the deadlines are shortened, and the entire time that the appointment belgian has
scheduled for celebration on the 1st of July.

The first circuit proposed, was in the area
, to the north of the belgian capital. However, this scenario between the
The Atomium and the Stadium King Baudouin was rejected, in that same order
week celebrates a cultural festival with plenty of roots in this area of the
city. For his part, has also frozen the option to position the circuit to the
feet of the Cathedral of Koekelberg
, every time that the installation of the circuit of the Formula E in
this area would be a serious problem in the city traffic, to be affected
several tram lines.

Despite these setbacks, there is a firm purpose of
between the local government and the promoter of the Formula E to
find an appropriate setting for the race, although at these heights not
ruled out postponing the ePrix of Brussels
face to the ‘Season Four’ if
not found a suitable solution. In case you get to this point,
Formula E can be expected to play a dual appointment in Germany
, with either
a double round in Berlin or gambling, for another city. The goal in
any of the two cases is to keep the calendar of 12 races.