The ESP celebrates its 20th anniversary. His debut with the Mercedes S 600


20 years ago that the ESP made its appearance in Europe . The first model was equipped Mercedes S 600 Coupe but fu accident with Class A first generation that motivated that equipment is Series across the Mercedes range and later binding in Europe.


mercedes-benz-S-Klasse C orria March 1995 when Mercedes introduced a novelty that few years later be extended to other manufacturers, even to the point of becoming mandatory in the European market. It was the electronic stability program , better known by its initials ESP.

The ESP turned 20. Mercedes started the path that ended with its obligation in 2011.

Mercedes-Benz pioneered the development of electronic security systems. So it was that in 1978 presented the anti-lock brakes ABS and traction control in 1985, but it was not until 10 years later that stability hit the market.

The first to meet him was Mercedes S 600 coupe , for soon after to including the S-Class sedan and Rodaster SL. At that time the German mark was offering standard on models equipped with V12 engine while transformed into an optional for units mounted the V8.

Two years later and by accident, was the Mercedes itself responsible for giving life to a true revolution, since an incident occurring during a test carried out by the media to brand Class A determined that ESP as standard equipment extended to the full range of models of the brand was made.

During a test drive, the pilot took the Class A limit, performing the maneuver known as ‘elk test’. This led to the vehicle overturned and shortly after Mercedes announced that the ESP would be standard for the Class A although he soon do the same with all other models in its range .

This prompted other manufacturers suggest the same way and led to towards the end of 2011 electronic stability program is transformed into required for products marketed in Europe.





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