The eternal research of the soil of the Honda Civic WTCC


During the third round of the WTCC, held at the Hungaroring,
the commissioners technical WTCC decided to investigate the background of the
Honda Civic WTCC
present. This research was conducted during
the day of Saturday, caused that the results added by the pilots
official Rob Huff, Tiago Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz, in addition to the achieved
for the private pilot Ferenc Ficza were provisional. After the two races
and the realization of a new assessment, the commissioners were dismissed to take
action against Honda
so that it could be a design illegal of the flat bottom with
the object is to soften the effect of the ballasts.

Everything was in there once Emanuel Leal, Technical Delegate of
the FIA, gave the nod to the flat bottoms to be within what is stated in the Appendix J article 263 of the Sporting Code. Without
however, once arrived in Marrakech, the history has turned to repeat. To
although to get pole position and a hat-trick in history the ‘Main Race’ in the path
moroccan, the results of the Honda Civic WTCC become the interim
that has opened a new investigation in relation to the floor of the models

This new investigation of the Technical Delegate can
respond to an interpretation made by Honda Racing in relation to the design
of the soil
and the application of the burdens of compensation. It seems to be that the
floor of the Honda Civic helps to distribute the weight of these ballasts
taking advantage of a vacuum of the legal regulation, since the regulation shows
some ambiguity at the time of ‘complete the weight of the car’ with plates
metal which in theory should go on the passenger side. What is
clear is that the Civic #5, #12, #18 and #55 are under suspicion and the controversy is served