The eternal rumor: the Corvette C8 will debut in January 2018 with a configuration-mid-engine-rear

Since Chevrolet launched the Corvette in the 50’s of the last century, the media have speculated with a version of engine in central-rear of the american sport par excellence. General Motors has always given rise to the rumors, either through statements of some executive, or by the presentation of prototypes of the central engine. Over the past few years the rumors have intensified, but without real results. According to Car&Driver, in January of 2018 will be presented in Detroit a Corvette central engine.

This rumor comes to exist since the Corvette is a Corvette, and never has materialized into a production car.

What is real in these rumors? According to Car & Driver – which quotes internal sources of General Motors – a year and a half we will know the Corvette mid-engine. Will be the Corvette C8, the eighth generation of the myth. On paper, your presentation would coincide with the change in generation of the american sport par excellence. The american publication has photographed a mule testing in the development center of General Motors in Milford (Michigan), that would prove the existence of this Corvette. You can see the photos here.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06If I don’t feel like it, I’ll summarize. It is a Holden Commodore Ute with a body kit with widened and a curious aerodynamic rear. It could really be any car. Be that as it may, speculation has soared since then, claiming to the magazine that the Corvette C8 will enjoy a new generation of engines small-block V8 four-valve-per-cylinder – replacing the existing pushrod direct-injected current with a power that would begin at about 500 HP and reach up to the 700 HP in the iterations more and more powerful.

A Corvette mid-engine would be much more expensive, and involves some development costs higher, as well as a new platform.

Would be a formidable rival for cars such as the Ferrari 488 GTB, or the McLaren 650S, at a fraction of the cost. Cost will not be under: double the starting price of us $ 50,000 from the current Corvette, leaving to one side this philosophy of high performance at a cost even rezonable. The C7 Corvette convivirían with the C8 in the first year, since GM would release a C7 ZR1 as the swan song of the current generation. This C7 ZR1 would approach the 700 HP thanks to a 6.2-liter V8 LT1 – engine from the current Corvette Z06 – powered.

1440_chevrolet-corvette-z06-2015-031instead of staying there, the magazine goes on speculating, and says that in 2020, Chevrolet will launch the Corvette E-Ray, equipped with a hybrid drive system, with electric motors that will power the front axle. These Corvette eighth generation would receive the name internal ZORA, in homage to one of the engineers of Chevrolet that materialized several prototypes of the central engine in GM, between the ages of 50 and 70. We take this story with a certain scepticism, the eternal rumor could stay in that.

Source: C&D