The EU apercibe to Spain not to punish Volkswagen for the Dieselgate


the European Commission’s Headquarters in Brussels.

The Spanish Government has been one of the ready for Brussels not having taken action against Volkswagen for the Dieselgate, the scandal of the enhancement of the emissions of some of their engines. Countries like Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, the Spanish government has received a letter from the European Commission asking for explanations not to be amerced even to the corporation of the germans, more than a year after known the scandal.

This letter of notification is the first step of opening of a dossier sanctions for these countries, which have a two-month period to explain their behavior, after which Brussels would send a request for applying the current legislation. In case of not corrected the error, the nation in question would have to deal with the Court of Justice of the European Union.

In the case of Spain, the explanation seems simple, as the Government itself opened file against Seat last summer, but after the imputation of Volkswagen by the National court, that record had to stop. In our law, you must discontinue the administrative actions if there is a criminal case for the same facts in the Courts. Hence, in our country has not been passed, any penalty, by the time.


The factory Seat in Martorell

it Is curious that some governments could be sanctioned instead of the company itself breaching, in this case the Volkswagen Group and its brands, which have already accumulated a good number of fines and lawsuits. However, the member countries of the Union, who should be responsible for those vehicles that align really meet the criteria established.

In the case of our country, only homologaron the vehicle Seat, since as soon as a vehicle is approved within the European Union, is automatically approved for the rest of the member countries. So the rest of the vehicles affected were approved in other nations.

as to the reasons they may have other countries, we do not know for the moment that explanation will be given to the European Commission, but some of those countries, like Spain, have factories of the German group in their territories.