The European Commission is asking governments to monitor the emissions controls

Comisión Europea

From the scandal emissions of the Volkswagen Group the outbreak of the environment in the governing bodies of half the world are stirring. In the united States have been the most active they have succeeded in getting the mark in the dock to answer for the fraud committed. However, where it has left a bit of a heavy hand on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the old Europe have tiptoed.

in Addition to the hard hand, in Europe the customers affected will not see a hard and the U.s. will get something in the clear for having been the guinea pigs of the firm. However things could change since the European Commission has issued a report for all the member countries in which it advised that they must be more vigilant when performing tests of homolograciones of motors, consumption and emissions.

Comisión Europea homologación emisiones

Within this report the European Commission has taken the opportunity to create a guide (or code of behavior) that can be used by different member states in order to avoid that the marks are to behave incorrectly. In this guide only include some limitations or recommendations that would meet the countries for brands to not take advantage of and can insert items that may distort the tests of homologation of the cars.

With these guidelines the European Commission wants the countries to comply with the regulations as anti-pollutants. In the event that this is not so we can fine those that don’t meet or think of skip. However, the entity european has had a negative response several countries of the area common among those who are Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Spain.

Some of the parameters that they want to regulate are the way identify the unit that will be tested. Also they should record the different ways in which they can homologate the vehicles both in the laboratory and on roads open to traffic. Hopefully all of this will serve to the brands monitor the correct compliance of the norms anti pollution and fight to curb climate change.

Source – European Commission