The european range of Smart will be purely electrical in 2020

Smart electrified its entire range by 2020, and it will no longer sell cars powered by combustion engines in the european market. Their models ForTwo and ForFour will be purely electric towards the end of the decade.

Daimler announced drastic changes to its brand Smart, as the european range of this little urbanite will be comprised entirely of models powered with electric motors in a period of just two years, the same as what already happens in the united States and Canada.

confirmation of this new strategy of Smart came by the art of Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management and head of the division of cars of Mercedes-Benz, in the framework of the annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

The roadmap of Smart contemplates the removal of the engines combustion for the year 2020, at which time the electric motors will take his place to give life to their models in three-and five-door.

The two models that currently make up the Smart range already have versions purely electrical, since the ForTwo and ForFour already is sold in Europe in their versions Electric Drive, which have an electric motor 81 HP and 160 Nm of torque, which, thanks to its lithium-ion battery of 17.6 kWh, offers autonomy approved of 160 kilometers with a full load according to the cycle NEDC.

All models Smart Electric Drive are equipped with a charger 7kW in two and a half hours you can recharge the batteries completely, while into a household outlet for a full recharge requires six hours.

During the meeting of shareholders, Zetsche also confirmed that Mercedes-Benz will offer at least a model electrified in each of the segments in which it participates to 2022.

Smart will be a mark only electricity when you start the next decade in both north America and Europe, although by the time Daimler has not announced as it will be comprised of the Smart range in those countries in which the infrastructure for quick reloads is not so developed.