The European Union and Germany were faced by the air-conditioning of Daimler


Daimler does not want to user the gas single refrigerant of air conditioning that you today the EU, the HFO-1234, citing increased risk of fire. Two years ago, the engineers of Daimler demonstrated that the new refrigerant is more dangerous than the previous, at least in their cars. In consequence, continued to use the gas of the preceding generation.

shortly Daimler will offer on the new Mercedes E-Class and S-Class to a new refrigerant gas based on CO2, which does not have the problem of the dangerousness, and is compatible with the european regulation. In the meantime, with the permission of the German agency for approval KBA, still using a gas, now prohibited, R-134a, at least until 2017.

The European Union accuses the Government of Germany, allowing it to keep using that gas, prohibited by their potential climate change (in case of a leak). The Government of Germany has responded today that such accuse without basis, through a spokesperson of the ministry of transport, on top of the KBA.

Both sides will be in the court, located in Luxembourg.